Apple updates iCloud website with new design: What has changed

Apple has officially launched the redesigned version of its cloud service website,, after weeks of beta testing. The new look features a refreshed wallpaper and tiles for various Apple ID account functions and apps such as Photos, Calendar, Mail, Notes, and iCloud Drive. Additional tiles are available for apps like Numbers, Keynote, Find My, Pages, and more.

One notable feature of the revamped iCloud website is the ability for users to customize their page. Users can choose which apps appear in each tile or remove tiles altogether. A new button allows users to add, remove, or rearrange tiles based on their iCloud services preferences.

Furthermore, users can add new tiles for the iWork suite and iCloud+ features like Hide My Email, iCloud Private Relay, and HomeKit Secure Video. The top menu bar includes a plus sign that allows users to create new emails, calendar events, notes, and more. Additionally, a widget provides access to the service’s web app page.

The bottom portion of the page displays information about the user’s iCloud plan, storage usage, and Apple’s data recovery service. Users can also find a link to recover recently deleted files from iCloud Drive and other apps.

Apple claims that the redesigned offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making it easier for users to access information at a glance.