YouTube Music is getting a new design on the web: Here’s what has changed, what not

YouTube Music is introducing a new design on its web platform, following the footsteps of its web platform design. The update allows users to easily access playlists through a navigation drawer. The changes are being rolled out gradually, with only a few members of the Times of India-Gadgets Now team having access to the new design at the moment.

The redesigned layout moves the “Home”, “Explore”, and “Library” tabs from the top of the screen to the left side, mimicking the design of the YouTube website. These three sections will now be located in a collapsible navigation drawer. The drawer will also include an option to create new playlists. Additionally, users can scroll through 50 recent playlists in the navigation panel, with Liked Music and New Episodes of podcasts pinned at the top.

The “Search” tab will now expand into a full-fledged search bar, and the filters such as “Workout”, “Relax”, “Podcasts”, “Energize”, “Commute”, and “Focus” will be placed just below the search bar.

Certain elements remain unchanged on the home page, including the Cast option, recommendations tabs, and access to accounts through the menu on the right.

Earlier this year, YouTube Music for smartphones also underwent a redesign for a more unified appearance. The update brought changes to the playlist and album layouts on both Android and iOS devices.

In addition, the library tab now offers a drop-down menu at the top, allowing users to quickly switch between Library, Downloads, and Device files. The “History,” “Cast,” “Search,” and “Account” buttons remain accessible on the right side of the Library tab.